What silicone case would look best on my blue palm centro?


i like the clear and white the best but would it be easy to clean it off it it got dirty?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    i like the clear and the white best, but i would be worried of it collecting dirt and showing really easily, so i would go w/ the black if i had to choose between those three. way to go on using amazon though, not everyone knows how cheap the cases are from there. thats the only place i will order my cases from. no way im going to the store and paynig full retail price on a bit of plastic.

    Edit: im not sure if they are easy to clean...i havent ever had one. i have only had the rubberized snap on so far and it doesnt get dirty. they seem like they would be hard to keep clean...

    Source(s): verizon customer
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