Interesting problem on my 2004 Yamaha YZF 600...?

I just bought this bike, and I have had this problem from day 1. When I go to start my bike, sometimes I hear a 'click', then it won't start at all. When I do finally get it to start (popping the clutch), and then ride it, sometimes my rev meter drops to 0 randomly, and it sputters when I give it throttle. Any help on this would seriously be appreciated. Thanks!

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    1 decade ago
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    The click sound when trying to start would indicate battery or connection problems.

    If you're giving it gas and the RPMs just drop all of a sudden it could be gas issues or something isn't grounded out correctly and is killing the engine.

    If the engine dies and you're rolling in gear, it won't fully cut off because it's like it's being push started. It's already in motion. so when you give it gas, it will sputter while being ignited. I know i'm explaining it confusing but just imagine you're doing a high speed push start.

    Find out how long the bike has been sitting before you bought it. If it's been a long time, you may want to change the fuel filter, air filter, run some carb cleaner through it and make sure to always use premium gas.

    If it's not a gas issue, you have some wiring problems in which case, you'd do well to find a wiring schematic for that bike.

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    Have you topped up your battery recently? I had the clicking sound, etc on my motorcycle and it was because the battery had run dry

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    sounds like a bad connection somewhere...

    you should check out a yamaha forum for more specific info...

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