Program that records you tube videos?

Is there a reputable program I can download, or go to the store and buy that will let me record videos off of You Tube? I had real player for awhile but it wouldn't let me copy the files onto a DVD or move them to a flash drive to watch later.


Can I put the you tube videos onto a DVD or flash drive if I want to use them somewhere else?

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    You can use wondershare youtube downloader, it is able to download youtube videos while you are watching it. It can also sniffer the address of youtube videos and save it on your computer, you can also find the videos you watched before with it. You can also use it to convert youtube videos to any regular video and audio formats, including avi, mp4, wmv, mpeg, mp3, m4a, wma, wav, etc. thus you can burn the youtube videos to DVDs and CDs.

    You can download it here

    If you are using mac os, you can use the mac version

    If you still have questions, contact with me or keep asking on

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    this will help you... Use 'zillatube'

    It is the easiest way (and also the fastest).

    It is very easy to download or save Youtube videos to your computer, and convert to good quality mpg/mp3/mp4/etc format that is compatible for your windows media player(or other player), for you to watch those videos comfortably. (you can also create an automated playlist that you can watch or listen to.)

    or later transfer to flash drive or disc.

    It works very well -

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    There is an online website that lets you download youtube videos.

    You just have to insert the link and wait till it's done.

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    "Any video converter" is a free program that has a download from youtube option.

    Here is the site to get the software:

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