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Winter Snowsuit/Bunting Bag?

which one is the better choice for a baby that'll be born in january?

we've decided to have the baby up here via homebirth instead of flying to ontario and having the baby there.

we're in nunavut [mostly alert, arctic bay and iqaluit, but our home is in inqaluit, we just travel a lot for work /nurse+military]

so obviously it gets really cold up here during our winter time.

my parents and my husbands parents are asking what we need and we've started a list [next question] and we're trying to decide which snowsuit/bunting bag in the best?

Canada Goose: [husband and I both have parkas from this company and love them]

Land's End



we don't have doctors up here

doctors are only flown up here every 6 weeks unless theres an emergency

its just myself [RN] and 1 other RN and a Nurse Practitioner up here on call 24hours

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    I don't know both of your choices look really cute and cozy. Since you will be using them on a pretty regular basis...maybe you should get one of each, just in case an accident happens and you have to wash & hang dry one of them.

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    Talk to your doctor or hospital about what is best to have in very cold regions. Children have been known to be ejected from their carseats in crashes, leaving the snow suit securely buckled in.

    I live in MN, and these snuggy things they pull over the car seats are very popular and I should think they would be safer because the buckle is still tightly around the child.

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    Well, it will be easier to use the bag rather that the suit. After my son was old enough to squirm, he HATED the suit and would bow his back and throw a fit. ---but he was about 6 months.

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    our baby is going to be born in NOV in Toronto and i am not planning to buy anow suit coz i think i wont take him out in snow that often. IF U like to try JJ COLE bundle me, i think thats good option.

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