Is Accutane extremely bad for your health?

Would you guys say it's worth it if you've used it and after 6 months of not using it does the acne come back again. And how much is the cost for them? Sorry for my more than one question. :)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    My oldest daughter was put on Accutane for her acne. It was worth it. The only draw back is for females you have to take the birth control pill while taking Accutane. Even if you are not sexually active. It is a Vitamin A product. You also have to go to the dermatologist monthly during treatment for a blood work up. They watch your liver function during the time you are on the product. As for the cost it is very expensive if you do not have insurance. No, to your question of whether or not your acne comes back again.

    Source(s): Mother of 2 daughters, 31 & 29. Been there, done that.
  • 1 decade ago

    My insurance covered most of the cost.

    I'm just turned 14 about two months ago.

    I started accutane when I was 13.

    So far my acne has not come back. I thought it was worth a try. The sucky thing about it is that you get chapped lips and dry skin. Also you have the risk of breaking bones easily, But if you don't take part of extreme sports you should be fine. I played soccer while on accutane, I was fine. Its just taking a regular pill. It didn't affect my life that much except for my skin clearing up and the chapped lips xP It was worth it though. I have clear skin and a lot more confidence. :D

    Talk to your dermatologist about it, ask about side effects.

    Edit: I just read the other answer... I wasn't on birth control. You just have to agree to abstinence... I had to get pregnancy tests every month even if I wasn't sexually active. But if you choose to be sexually active, your dermatologist should talk to you about different types of birth control that are needed. If your a male, You have to get blood tests every month... my brother took accutane too.

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