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Why does it look like my tomato leaves are burning?Disease or too much rain?

it's been raining this july and it's been record cool, in tennessee.

i didn't even water them except for once?

my tomatoes are about 3-4 feet tall and have lots of flowers and fruiting.

the bottom leaves to top leaves of certain plants, turn curling yellow, and then just turn dryish brown,, grayish or blackish color?

what's wrong with it. it's not like those certain plants leaves are touching the ground though?

so what could be wrong?

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    I live in southern Ohio and had the same thing happen. One day I had big bushy tomatoe plants with full of blooms and tomatoes. The next day one end of the garden looked like someone poured weed killer on them..by the next couple days they all looked like that..ruined. All of them. I was devastated. Even the green tomatoes had spots all over them. Its all lost now. I heard on the news there is a tomatoe disease going through a few states..(including ohio) that is killing the plants. That may be what the problem is. But we have had non stop rain here too and the ground stays wet even though I have straw down. My plants werent touching the ground either. Whatever it is it did the job quick. I couldnt even save any of the tomatoes. Now the Zuchinni thats planted beside it is getting moldy looking and their big leaves are turning white. Its sad..I love to have a garden..even though its small. Dont know if I should use the same ground next year or am I going to have to treat it with lime or something. Might be able to google "tomatoe disease" and see it that looks like your problem. Good luck to you.

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    It should be the rain. Tomatoes have hybrids that are suited for the rainy season. I do not know if you have it there in Tennessee. But if you have planted the variety not suited for too much rain, you may cover your plants with plastic tent style to protect them from too much water.

    Source(s): I am part time farmer.
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