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how many twilight movies are out to this day? please help?

okay i just watched the first movie today and wanted to know how many movies are out to this day other then the first one. Dont say the that one is coming out in november i want to know to this day please help me cuz i need to know i searched everywhere please help


thx every one who answered i can soooooooooo not wait to see the second one it looks soo good!

Ps i heart rob patterson LOL I AM HIS BIGGEST FAN EVER

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    There's only one film released to date

    They've just finished filming the second one, it should be out in the Autumn/Winter

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    Theres only one out. New moon comes out november 20th. btw its rob pattinson, not patterson

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    the others didnt come out yet. the second is out in november.

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    1 thank god.

    I plan to boycott the rest of em

    I call it cruel and totaly unreasonable punishment

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    there is only one... the one coming out is the SECOND one...

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