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where can i find the best deals on tvs?

id like to get a tv with: 37", 1080p, and under 400$. where can i get a tv like this?

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    If you want a decent TV, that price and size can not be done. You're going to need to up your budget (by like double) or go down a size and spec.

    If you see most consumer or guru HDTV guides out there, you'll see that they say you don't really need 1080p until you break 40", and more so 50". So I would actually look towards a 720p set in where you'll be purchasing. I think that's going to allow you to get a far higher quality TV while still saying near to your budget.

    Honestly, under $400 I would look at 26" sets. I know that's sizably different to what you had asked, but I think to get a high end set, you need to go that small for that budget.

    Right now at Best Buy,


    Sony KDL-26L5000 - $435 on sale ($500 reg)

    LG 26LH20 - $400 on sale ($500 reg)

    Samsung LN26B360 - $460 reg (no sale on right now)


    Panasonic TC-L32C12 - $500 reg (no sale on right now)

    Sony KDL-32L5000 - $500 on sale ($550 reg)

    Sharp LC-32SB27U - $500 reg (no sale on right now)

    You can shop around at Costco or Sam's Club and look for maybe a bit cheaper, but you're not going to get vastly cheaper than that. Best Buy has respectable pricing. And they do price match, so maybe try Amazon and see if you can get a Best Buy to price match.

    If you really need to stick hard to that budget, then maybe go with a brand like Vizio. They are a solid budget brand. They do have some respectable sets out there.

    From Wal-Mart,

    Vizio VW32LHDTV30A - 32" - $428

    Vizio VW37LHDTV10A - 37' - $538

    Do not confuse this with Viore, that's a different brand. And stick with those models. Both of those were graded by Consumer Reports and came back okay.

  • You might have to downgrade your expectations to a 32 inch unless you get a really good sale.

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