PS3 fanboys whats your problem?

why do you trash talk the xbox? its like that pc vs. mac commercial where they make fun of the pc for stupid things likewhen mac tries to make fun of the pc when the mac charges 3000 dollars for a computer that cant play a dvd without an external drive? anyways to me the ps3 is a computer. has internet a blue ray player and plays junkie games. the online community its terrible and you cant buy anything without a credit card. i dont want to sit here and trash talk the ps3 because i dont want to sink to its fan boys level but im getting sick of of people asking questions about the xbox and you fans boys jump in and make some stupid comment and about the xbox and leave with your two points.

so stop being immature and get a life. if you answer a question it should be to the best of your knowledge and if ps3 is all you know you need to go outside and actually live a little.

This question was posted by "Hunter =)" lol at how funny and obnoxious he is. You claim him as your own, XboX users? Go right ahead.

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    1 decade ago
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    Hello Xbox Fanboy. You telling PS3 users to be more mature. I just want you to look carefully at the paragraph you just wrote and tell me that thats mature. And you need to stop talking about things you dont know, because the PS3 is a better system, and there is no need get all hyped up because your system isnt as good. Everyone gets jelouse sometimes, but please try to practice self control. Good Day Sir!

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    first of all your sounding alot like a xbox fan boy your self. Seriosly they the two are great gaming device's. human beings such as you get act up because of the fact the ps3 is a blue ray participant. I also have a ps3 my I even have 4 friends that have bothe and a couple of that have in basic terms a psand 3 that have xbox. non are fanboys. the fact is the only element the xbox has over ps3 is the halo sequence. human beings say that the 360 has greater video games and thats in basic terms the because of the fact it got here out earlier the ps3. human beings say that 360 has a fashion larger and greater valuable library. Its larger yet not greater valuable. in my view pshas a lot of sturdy exclusives. exspesialy lined up this 365 days. 360 has Halo and Gears of war. pshas resistance, uncharted, infamous, god of war and others. human beings say that the ps3 on line community is two small. there a great style of human beings if theresw a sport that has on line and has your very own score abouve 3 you will probubly almost by no skill hit upon a sport thats not complete or mostely complete. the foremost advertising element for me replaced into the breakage ingredient of the 360 almost all my friends have had it destroy, yet they have been given it fastened. if its not the purple ring of dying microsoft makes you pay for it. and which you cant purchase some thing with a mastercard you truthfully need to accomplish a sprint study. how do you think of you purchase upload ons and video games. You enter the mastercard # to purchase some thing. and it makes use of truthfully money not microsoft factors. There the two great structures and you look as though in basic terms a sprint a fanboy your self

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    As someone whos owned both, and has seen both sides of the feud, I dont get the point of your question... do you see the feud as idiotic, or are you trying to vouch for the xbox? You seem to do both here (you knock the ps3 yet seem opposed to the argument altogether?)

    Like I said I own both, so Ive seen both the pros and cons. I like the ps3 better, but because of my preferences. Im going to sell my xbox because I never play it. There are also things I dont like about it but Im not going to list those. There are things not to like about both systems, like for example, I hate d/ling updates on the ps3 all the time but I dont mind it that much.

    People like what they like and if it gets bashed, they immediately choose to take sides. Do you like someone telling you something sucks when you really like it? Even worse, that they support something you dont like? No, right? Well there you go. Its more about elitism than anything. Neither system is "better" than the other but everyone wants to believe the one they faun over is the best.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    People trash talk the other video game console because people love to hate, but people hate to love.

    I hope this answers your question.

    Source(s): I have owned both a 60gb PlayStation 3 and an Xbox 360 Elite.
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  • Ben
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    1 decade ago

    claim him as your own?

    is not like ps3 and 360 fanboys are cults man

    this question is an Epic Fail and so are you

  • 1 decade ago

    X-box 360 FTW

    Online community FTW

    games FTW

    Live Market place FTW


    HD player FAIL

    Blu-ray FAIL


    PS3 FAIL

    Games FAIL

    Online Community FAIL

    PS Market FAIL

    Blu-ray FTW

    DLC FAIL(see xbox market place)

  • hi
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    1 decade ago

    I just answered this....It's still funny just to read this

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