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I have a deep talking voice but when I sing it's a high voice?

I'm a 17 year old Asian guy.

I sing it's a high voice ---not a girly voice though but a high male voice sort of.

I have a really deep voice.

Is this common?

Speak to me.

Is this normal?

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    Depending on your level of training, your voice is still developing. Singers' voices don't fully mature until around the early 20s to mid 30s. I've never seen such a case because you usually speak and sing in the same register because that's what we are accustomed to. If you are unhappy with this, start taking voice lessons so you can lower your tessitura (where the voice feels most comfortable). Your teacher will help you widen your range and you'll acquire proper singing techniques so you can control what modules you are using i.e. head voice (Soprano/Tenor) or chest voice (Alto/Bass). If you want some tips on how to progress as an individual musician, e-mail me:

    Best of luck!

    Source(s): Aspiring opera singer with three years of experience in choir and voice lessons
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    Me too! I actual have a deep speaking voice yet I actual have a intense singing voice. yet actual i will sing in 2 octaves. intense and espresso. yet I commonly sing in intense notes. And it is not falsetto. and that i will do very intense whistle registers too! i'm a 14 300 and sixty 5 days previous guy...

  • Anonymous
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    Michael Jagmin has a uniquely high pitched voice, but his speaking voice isn't too high.

    Everyone sings differently :]

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