hey-tell me exactly what system restore does?

answer these:

1. does it delete files, i dont want to risk anything except to get rid of personal antivirus, a piece of crap i accidentally downaloaded. also does it recover files or...

2. does system restore like, lets say about 10 days ago my ie worked, 3 days after tat it didnt. so if i restore 10 days back, will it work. reason why it doesnt: i accidently downloaded personal antivirus, at that time i didnt know it was bad because i never heard of it. my ie always says "web site found...waiting 4 reply." and it loads 2/5 way and stops. also if i click the X it freezes and not responds. i know i have a lot of viruses but they never caused trouble until 3 days after i accidentally dl the personal antivirus.

i need as much info from u as possible. myt computer has most of my info and my microsoft word. tell me as much as possible.


note: my internet WILL NOT load, so is there a way to fix it back

so if i restore it to the day before i got personal antivirus, will it work as normal.

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    Just use Malwarebytes to kill Personal Antivirus, a system restore does not get rid of infected files. You will still be infected.


    A computer isn't a time machine, I have no idea why people always recommend to do a restore to get rid of infections.

    If the infection prevents you from downloading it, just boot into safe mode with networking and change the mbam-setup file to xxx.exe, then install it.

    EDIT: There is a very slim chance that will work at all. Just have someone else download malwarebytes, change the mbam-setup file to xxx.exe, update it, and save it to a thumb drive. Then plug it in to your computer and run it.

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    1 decade ago

    1) No. It doesn't delete or recover.

    2) Maybe.

    System Restore does a restore of a previous backup of the registry. That's all, just the registry. If a virus damaged a file, or deleted something, SR won't fix it. If the virus changed something in the registry, or it runs because of a registry entry, SR will fix it.

    Run an anti-virus with live scan at all times (Avira is free and good). Run malwarebytes (http://download.cnet.com/Malwarebytes-Anti-Malware... ) to clean the computer.

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    1 decade ago

    ok imagen ur comp gets like 5000 viruses on it u can use it to litterally go back in time 3 days before you got all 5000 viruses

    (ok well not litterally go back in time but u know what i mean)

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