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Should i Help the little bird?

Yesterday we feed it alittle bit and we set it free, poor thing it hurt its neck and can't fly yet.So today I can back to check on it and its still breathing, I'm so worried!!What should I do! My parents dint want to go to a vet with it or let me keep it till it gets better! I don't want it to dieeee!

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    Find a wildlife rehabber in your area and they can cone pick i up. They have the know-how, expertise, medicines, and facility to care for birds and other wildlife. The bird would probably do much better at a proper animal facility. Plus, it is illegal to keep wild birds as pets without a permit (unless it is a sparrow, starling, or pigeon).

    All the best!

    Source(s): I had a pet sparrow and have done quite a lot of research on wild birds and their care.
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    take him to a wild life place

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    well if you call animal control they will probably put it not sure, something could be seroiusly wrong with it. It might need the vet but idk...

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