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Dream interpretation please help!?

ok so i had a dream that i was bartending at a bar that i go to with my parents. and someone said in the background about me "man she is going to be a sex craving god" and I looked at a friend of my dads friend Trevor (who is only 20 and im kinda crushing on him) and he made a kissy face and winked and i woke up..... any help interpreting that? it would be much appreciated!

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    To dream that you are at a bar, signifies your desire to escape from the stresses of your daily life and retreat into a light-hearted environment where pleasure abounds. Alternatively, you are seeking for acceptance in some aspect of your daily life. The dream may also be a pun on being "barred" from some place or something. You are feeling excluded or held back by circumstances beyond your control.

    To dream that you are a bartender, suggests that you want to escape from the demands of your daily life. The dream may also be a pun to indicate that you are creating a barrier for yourself or that you are "barring" yourself from doing something.

    To see your parents in your dream, symbolizes both power, shelter, and love. You may be expressing your concerns and worries about your own parents. Alternatively, it represents the merging of the female and male aspects of your character.

    To see your crush in your dream, represents your current infatuation with him or her. If you find yourself thinking about him during the day, then it is understandable that his image will appear in your dream during the night. If you dream of your crush frequently, then your dream maybe be telling you that it is time to let this person know how you feel, especially if you are dreaming of him or her in a good way. Only good things can happen from you telling your crush.

    To see lips in your dream, signifies sensuality, sex, love, and romance. They are also seen as a means of communication as in the familiar phrase "read my lips".

    To dream that someone is winking at you, represents laughter or new relationships. The dream may also signal romance.

    There's nothing about making sexual remarks that I could find in the 'Dream Dictionary' but to dream about sex, refers to the psychological completion and the integration of contrasting aspects of the Self. You need to be more receptive and incorporate aspects of your dream sex partner into your own character. Alternatively and a more direct interpretation of the dream, may be your libido's way of telling you that it's been too long since you have had sex. It may indicate repressed sexual desires and your needs for physical and emotional love.

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