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Should I perm my hair?

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My hair doesn't normally look this good, it's usually pin straight and flat (I have very dry hair).

Would I look better with curls?

If not, what hairstyle would suit me? Right now it's a slightly graduated and layered bob. I am not interested in coloring it, or highlighting...I've got plenty of those naturally and I hate them.

Update 2:

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Update 3:

I've had it permed twice before but both times by an unskilled hairdresser, so it only lasted 2 weeks. It didn't do much damage. Despite my hair being thin and can take a lot.

Update 5:

Mousse weighs my hair down and using a curling iron gives me a curl that last for about 4 minutes.

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    I would not recommend to perm your hair. Not because it wouldn't look good on you, but because it will really damage your hair badly. Not only that but when your hair would start to grow out it will be straight at the roots and curly at the bottom. I would just stick with layers :)

  • I agree, Perming your hair could damage it and make it end up looking like a afro. Just stick with the curling iron and mousse..

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    I think yhu put the wrong link in ..

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