What will honestly happen in the year 2012 and even before we reach 2012.?

Should we believe the mayan prophecies? Bible prophecies?

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    I predict there will be large gathering in a place called 'Times Square' and a ball of great portent will drop. There will be yelling and kissing. This will herald the coming of the minting of new currency and the 2012 doomers will be greatly nervous. One year later, they'll deny ever having been worried about 2012 but 2021, ah that's the year to watch for it will herald a great doom, or so they will say.

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    Mayan prophecies are based upon astronomy and a lack of knowledge. Bible prophecies are being fulfilled, but it impossible to gage when the end will come. People have been predicting the end of the world for centuries. Everyone has been wrong so far. I don't see how 2012 will be any different. People suffer from a bad case of generational forgetting when they fall into these kind of things. It is better to walk with God and live life one day at a time, than waste your life trying to predict when the end will come. My two cents.

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    Ok, this is a real heated topic of mine so I will most likely have the longest answer.

    Ok, first, December 21st, 2012 for those who do not know is the day that the Mayan calendar ends.

    Esentially, the Mayan calendar just says that the Fifth Era will end thus creating the Sixth Era, now the Mayan`s didn`t understand this Sixth Era so they didnt try to calculate it because according to them, time would no longer exist, though that probably wont happen.

    So, the world will not end.

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    There are no Mayan prophecies about 2012, but even if there were, what kind of nut believes in fortune tellers in 2009? We have cell phones, space shuttles, laser hair removal! Why believe that someone can see the future in tea leaves?

    Wake up and smell the Atomic Age!

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    There is no "Mayan Prophecy" about 2012. It's just the year that the long count calendar ends. After that, they would simply reset the year to 0.

    Similarly, our calendar ends on December 31st. We don't think the world ends on that day; we just reset it to January 1st.

    2012 is not the end of anything. The world will be here in 2013.

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    in 2012 you should hang a new Mayan calendar on your toilet, as the old one will stop working.

    also, you should trow out any food with a consume before stamp of before 2011, as it probably is not editable anymore.

    You neither should forget to congratulate your pour cousin who was born on February 29 in a leap year.

    Anyway, of the countless end of the world stories, predictions and such, none has become true yet, the chances that a particular one would be true is small.

    basically, i would not fear and just party like it is 1999

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    Return of the mothership. Read Arthur C. Clarke's Childhood's End. The date of 12/21/2012 is not the end but a massive transformation, possibly a huge jump in human evolution.

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    i think of that if governments comprehend issues, they are not nicely customary for passing on the techniques, and flat out denying it if asked. i'm no longer a conspiracy theorist, so i'll apply different examples: "There are weapons of mass destruction" "we don't use waterboarding". i think of there are some valid motives for no longer passing on techniques such as you communicate approximately too a techniques ahead. For one, do you think of the popular public of the popular public would not panic and do stupid issues? whilst we had the petrol strike interior the united kingdom, there became a super style of meals for each individual, yet human beings stripped food market cabinets of meals, I observed human beings on the checkout with 5 or 6 trolleys packed with meals....for the checklist, i assumed I might desire to connect in, so me and a chum of mine panic offered pretzels, cheese and wine, merely in case :) there is likewise the cry wolf situation, take a look into swine flu....panicked a super style of human beings, on the 2nd this is settled, although, if it options up in severity, what number of human beings are going to dismiss any new warnings because of the fact "SARs, Avian Flu, Swine Flu all have been meant to be disasterous and grew to become out to no longer be". The 0.33 element is, what might human beings do given the techniques? If as an occasion, they knew a comet became going to hit the earth in a million month, how overdue might desire to they leave it to make it uncomplicated understanding? i'm interior the forewarned is forearmed camp, and that i might hate for them to pass "oh, by skill of how, in 2 days a comet is hitting", yet, taking a look into human beings around me, i will, in some way, comprehend why human beings in skill do no longer launch techniques. this is like whilst employers at artwork comprehend that there are redundancies coming, they continually comprehend nicely before the staff, yet they might desire to artwork out whilst the perfect time is to tell them.

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    Well, I'll tell you honestly that the economic recession is going to turn into a depression and worsen by then. How's that sound?

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