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Is it hard to go to different school for your graduate degree? For example, I am going to be a senior in high school and I am interested in getting an MBA from UCLA or USC down the road. For undergrad school, I'm considering Cal Poly (I don't have the credentials to get into UCLA or USC right now), who has the 2nd best undergrad business program in public universities in CA. Will that make it harder for me to get to UCLA or USC for an MBA? Or should I consider going to a junior college in order to transfer to UCLA/USC, get my undergrad there, and go back later for my grad?

Basically, I want to know who has the edge to get into UCLA/USC grad school -- UCLA/USC students or students from other schools. And if they do, how big of a difference does it make?

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    Universities actually prefer that you don't get your Bachelor's and Masters at the same school. So you going somewhere else is the norm and wouldn't be any more difficult. Some even won't admit you to their grad. school if you've graduated there as an undergrad.

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    It will not make it harder to get into their graduate school as long as you have the credentials to support you such as good grades, applicable ECs, and so forth. The university cannot discriminate against you just because of where you did your undergraduate studies.

    I'm interested in medical school and I know that it's actually suggested that you go to different universities for undergraduate and medical training and I have a strong feeling this would apply to your case as well.


    Since you're still in high school, try hard to bring up your credentials as much as possible now and once you get to college, don't let yourself slip into old habits. You'll need to keep your credentials competitive, even if it means enlisting the help of a tutor or other supplemental support.

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