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I feel so depressed all the time. What should I do?

Some very hard things have been happening in my life since last year. April '08 I stopped seeing my dad because he had become verbally abusive, and one of my very good friends was diagnosed with cancer.

This last may, my friend died. It was really hard for me. And if those two weren't enough, my grammy was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and it isn't looking so good. I also have a very bad problem with my self-esteem and my body image.

Ever since my friend died from cancer, I've been crying at least once a day, usually more. Everythings so hard now and I just don't know what to do.

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    Seek an evaluation from a competent therapist. Talk with friends that could refer you to a licensed mental health professioal. If you are unable to afford the fee for the service, there may be mental health centers where you reside. There are many services available thru the county or city where you live. And many can be arranged on a sliding fee scale. RUN DON' T WALK.

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    Im so sorry :-( I will pray things get better for you. Just think happy thoughts and things will get better

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