Has anyone heard of a company called PT(C) Limited? I'm not sure about a job offer I recieved from them.?

I'm wondering if anyone knows anything about this company PT(C) Limited or PT (BBB) Limited. Apparently I applied to a job posting they had on craigslist or some site a while back. I just received a job offering from them to work from home. Apparently they are some type of online firm. The job is described as "processing payments between their trading clients and their company". The website looks legit but I am really hesitant when it comes to work from home jobs. I know there are alot of scams out there and if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Not to mention the only info I could find about them on the web was from their own site, which can be a bad sign. Has anyone ever worked for or heard about this firm? Here is a link to their website:http://family-trading.com/careers.php.htm. Thanks!

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    They charge you to buy the checks and paperwork. It can cost $50 to $500 upfront. THen they mail you information and you mail out checks to people they direct you to. But you are never reimbursed for the money you spent. And you are quickly sending out checks that have no money behind them. Which makes it look like you are part of the scam.

    No legit business needs a middleman to "process" payments. That job description does not exist in the world of business.

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    Processing payments is a scam you receive a check deposit it then send them a money order or a check something an honest business does on their own all the time. This is a big scam used by many because people are foolish enough to fall for it, and when you look at it there is no common sense in the process, just a good sales platform. And we wonder why people keep getting ripped off by these scams

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    You need to ask your boyfriend if he's ok with this, which he probably won't be, but hiding it from him would even be worse. This isn't the kind of job an attached woman should have. I'm guessing you must have a pretty hot body to get this job offer, so why not be a waitress instead? Your looks would get you great tips if your flirty and friendly with the customers and you would keep your dignity intact. ** Trust me, if you start getting naked for customers then your going to start getting offers to get paid for sex with clients outside of work. I'm not saying you will take it, but the temptation will be there. Are you prepared to handle that?

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    I received the same thing you did. Don't think this is legit. Been checking and everything comes up zero. My daughter got caught up in one of these in the spring time. They even sent her a bogus check and luckily the bank was familiar and they were using another man's profile from a financial institute. These guys are good. THINK about it - NOBODY is going to send you a large amount of money not knowing who YOU are. It's their way of getting money FROM you.

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  • Yes, family trading just tried to hire me today and make me complete this fake transaction. When I told them that I wasn't interested they called me literally eight times. It's nice to know that I am not alone.


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    Never heard of them. It's probably a scam.

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