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Is it true that the bible says babies born or concieved out of wedlock are going to Hell?

Where in the bible does it say so if it does? Which book, chapter, verse.

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    No it isnt true!!! First of all God does not send babies to hell.... And a baby concieved out of wedlock after it grows up is going to need a saviour just like a person concieved in wedlock.

  • Absolutely not.

    There is one passage in which it says children born out of wedlock couldn't enter into the Holy of Holies in the Temple, though.

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    exciting quote i agree it incredibly is frightening, it potential i'm no longer allowed into the assembly besides, because of the fact i became born of fornication yet my mothers and dads married, yet then they divorced. im nevertheless a bastard. yet, I even have become a witness. the lds doctrines instruct that a guy isn't accountable of the sins of his mothers and dads or the mothers and dads accountable of the sin of the youngsters. unquestionably everyone would be certainly judged in accordance to their strikes, their works and their ideals. yet frequently words the persons spoken of in this verse weren't of the covenant of the jews, and it follows that the sons of cain, the cannanites have been enemies of God and the persons of Israel because of the fact of their invocations and covenants to devil. thats additionally why race and faith did no longer mixture, with the chosen people of God, and hence this is likewise why the chosen people grew to become a hiss and a byword with God, because of the fact they forsook their very own covenants and followe fake gods. even training witchcrafts and sorceries. there is often a fallen angel or demon to entice somebody faraway from the certainty, in basic terms if somebody will have faith in a pretend lie and deception. the marriage of mothers and dads do no longer dictate the alternative you're making as an person. they have greater advantageous impact, i agree, yet interior the judgment bar of christ on the final day what's substantial significant is is that in case you believed and in case you repented of your sins. it incredibly is written that God would not reject those that worry god in any united states of america and who do the works of righteousness. acts 10:34-36 it is likewise written that the definition of repentance is leaving at the back of all sin wherein God accepts bond and loose and black or white. in case you have faith and you do all you could to renowned the certainty and alter into between the righteous there is no way those delivers can deny you the area between the youngsters of God.

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    all under the age of accountability will see God.

    Can you say the same for yourself.?

    Why even with any pride or boasting or disbelief would anyone take such a # as you have chosen?

    Many are prideful and do not understand fully the cost of such a choice.

    Blessings and peace to you

    a messenger of God

    your friend

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    The Bible didn't even mention Hell until after the Captivity. The Hebrews that were in Babylon got the idea from the Zoroastrians, along with angels, demons, heaven, Judgement Day, etc. Then they brought these ideas back to Israel with them.

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    No, the Bible doesn't say any such thing. And neither does Christ's holy Church which compiled the Bible.

    Source(s): Catholic deacon
  • Babies are declared innocent in the sight of God even though they are born into the world with sinful natures.

    They are not old enough to even begin to comprehend what sin is, let alone why there is a need to repent and be saved.

    Furthermore, they are covered by God's grace, so when they die, they return back to God.

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    No. No verse in the Bible says that.

    No person goes to hell due to the sins of his(her) father and/or mother.

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    Uh, no.

    The parent is the sinner, not the child.

    We believe all men will be punished for their own sins and not for Adam's transgression.

    (Article of Faith #2, Mormon)

    Source(s): Eternally LDS
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