Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion vs. Fable II -Xbox 360?

So I have a little money left over on an eBay card, and I wanna get one of those two games. My neighbor recommends ES 4, but I've also heard that Fable II is pretty good two.

The main things I'm looking for are:

1. Good achievements

2. Good character progression - being able to get stronger and better

3. Long playability.

Thanks :]


I only have like 11 or 12 dollars left on the card, so if I were to get ES 4 I doubt I could get the GOTY edition.

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    It really depends on how deep a game you want. In that case id go with Oblivion GOTY edition. Its going to last sooo much longer.

    Both are really great games though. Oblivion in certainly a longer game and has alot more re playability in my opinion due to having multiple races and weapon/magic specialties. It probably has the best character progression of the two. Its achievements are fairly easy. But youll need to put in quite a few hours to get them all. Once you beat the game you can continue to play in that world and do quests. And if you get the GOTY edition you'll get even more content.

    Fable II is a more simple game. The achievements are really easy to obtain. Its possible to get them all in a couple play throughs. There are different ones you get depending on how you end the game. One of the upsides to Fable II is co-op and you can also interact with other players through the game world. They can be seen as floating orbs. You can talk with them, trade with them and invite them to play with you. Fable II has some great DLC as well but not as much as Oblivion. Like oblivion you can hone certain skills but eventually in Fable you have enough xp to obtain every power. There are quite a af ew and they can all be upgraded about 5-6 times making them more powerful.

    Wow that was long. But in the end id choose Oblivion. Its simply a deeper game and there is so much more to explore.

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    Oblivion is my answer it has awsome graphics deep storyline infiniate playing time and the characters are so interactive and even when you finish the main quest theres like a million side quest and theres even expansions out but fable 2 is 2 players

    Source(s): i have oblivbion
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    Get Oblivion because it's a classic game! Tons of places to explore, tons of quests to do, interesting level-ups, and loot! Especially when you find enchanted items in tombs and forts when you're a high level in that game, amazing stuff. Plus good graphics too. But the achievements are kind of easy to get if you're the quest-goer. Fable 2 is good too but I wouldn't recommend buying it.

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