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Best Leave In Conditioner (10 points)?

Heelloo (: So what is the best one for me? I have very curly and thick hair, I want it t be soft and shiny. thanks so much!

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    i use garnier fructis' leave in conditioner. it smells great and it's super affordable. i put it in my hair before i go to bed and when i wake up my hair feels amazing. i also use it in the morning after my shower and it really protects my hair from damage all day.

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    I would personally recommend the Deva curl system. It makes your hair a LOT healthier. However, it is expensive. So if you want something cheaper, Aussie's stuff is really nice. 3 min. miracle works really well if you need a deep conditioner. The regular conditioner i use is L'oreal Vive Pro Hydra Gloss. It is seriously the most moisturizing conditioner i've ever tried. It's awesome.

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    I would use Pantene for Curly Hair or just leave a little bit of conditioner in after you shower, but comb (not brush) your hair really well when you get out.

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    i was looking for that too, but now i'm going to start just using the conditioner i regularly use [probably suave-moisturizing conditioner or pantene relaxed and natural moisturizing conditioner] because i love ow it feels while it's in my hair moreso than when i rinse it out.

    you might want to try it also, and if you don't like it then stop. there's no harm in it, you can only gain or stay the same, so there are no negatives =]

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    I have naturally curly hair too, and the only leave in conditioner that i trust is alba botanica leave in conditioner. They sell it at cvs. It's 10 dollars but worth it, it's also organic.

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    I like the pureology leave in conditioner- it helps repair your hair from heat damage and protect it from heat damage from both styling tools and UV rays, and it leaves your hair really silky, and it smells good:


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    I strongly recommend any Advance Techniques products. I use one of their Leave-In conditioners and they work very very well! :)

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    I really like Kiwi Colorflector. I think that it is by Loreal Professionals.

  • I use mane 'n tail. Its strengthens your hair and helps it grow longer and faster.

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    leave in your actual conditoner. it works for some ppl

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