Remote start installation problem.?

I'm in the middle of installing a remote start/car alarm in my 95 suburban(not to protect the truck,but the tools).I got the door locks,windows and alarm parts of the system working.When I try to get the remote start to work,I can hear the fuel pump energize and I hear the relay click,but it doesn't start.Could the starter relay be bad even if I hear the fuel pump or is the fuel pump energized by another circuit?

The system is a cheapo carvox 601(I didn't want to put a viper or compustar in and take a chance at goofing up a high dollar system). If I get this set up right,I'll probably put a nicer one in.


I'm testing them now.I'll post the results.BTW, I had the tach wire connected to the coil,but changed to the purple/white @the ecm

Update 2:

the first test.Yellow ignition wire isn't getting juice.

Update 3:

I tightened the wires and the truck started twice but cut off after about 30 seconds.Now it's back to not starting.

Update 4:

Not cranking.No juice going to yellow starter wire.

Update 5:

Yeah,I could,but I took the oil sending unit out and replaced with a manual gauge.The electric sending unit is there still.I wonder if I can use the wires on it or does it have to be plugged in the block?

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    Did you hook up the following wires?

    Park-neutral safety wire - Black/white wire

    Start wire - Purple

    Oil Sensor signal or Tach input wire - Purple/White wire

    Brake pedal input wire - Brown

    If you did hook them up, test one at a time to make sure you are getting what you should from them. The Start wire and the Brake Pedal input are the ones that should have + signals. The other 2 should be - signals. Let me know what you find out.

    Also, fuel pump priming is done from a different ciucuit in the car. The starter relay will just engage the starter. The fuel pump will prime when the ignition is turned on, or in this case, the alarm provides power to that circuit.

    EDIT: I've heard something about the tach signal not being strong enough or something like that. Does your manual say you can hook it into the oil pressure switch?

    Are you saying it is not cranking anymore, or cranking but not starting?

  • 4 years ago

    Your truck has a protection equipment this is being prompted. i might double examine the wiring shade code reason for one the starter a million meant shade is purple or Yellow and that i understand that YELLOW is a known shade for airbags. unquestionably something i would not be messing with for particular.

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