Magnetism and crystal field theory (chemistry)?

If Cl is a weak-field ligand, how many unpaired electrons are in the metal ion of [Mn(Cl06]4-?


Oops, [Mn(Cl)6]4-

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    Hi Nicole: Your other helper appears to have gone AWOHL so let me give you some pointers. Oxidation state (x) of Mn is x - 6(6Cl-) = 4- so this is Mn(II); work out how many d electrons Mn(II) has knowing that the 4s2 electrons are lost first. High spin means max number of unpaired electrons. I always found it surprising that some TM cmplxs had this number of u p e, but Mn(II) cmplxs are quite stable. cheers, drp

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    you need to clarify the formula of the compound. Something is missing ... there is an unmatched parenthesis.

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