Can you give me tips on how I should fix up my eyebrows?

I'm a girl and I never got my eyebrows plucked or anything before. They are really in need of shaping up. I want to do it myself. Can you give me tips on what I should do to shape these up nice? They are kind of bushy and out of shape. Here's a pic:


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    I dunno about you, but paying $15-20 every week or 2 seems ridiculous to me.

    So, this is what I do to get perfect eyebrows:

    Step 1: Apply Nair for the face (it's a pink tube that looks like lipgloss or something) with a Q-tip to make a perfect arch. I apply it kind of thick, but as far as actually going over hair, less is more. You can always go back and fix up the arch.

    Step 2: wash face with warm water after like 10 mins or jump in the shower

    Step 3: Clean up with tweezers

    It looks really professional and it's super easy. And, it's pretty cheap considering I'm still using the same tube of Nair and tweezers I bought months ago.

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    first and foremost, is this is your first time getting your eyebrows done. DO NOT WAX. Make sure you take a warm shower BEFORE you pluck as that way your pores will open up and your follicles will be a lot easier and less painful to pull. As you continue to pluck unwanted hair on a regular weekly/monthly basis, your skin will get numb and will continue to tolerate the pain to the point that you will no longer feel the unwanted hair getting "plucked" out.

    Now working with your eyebrows could be a bit challenging, as it is all about shaping and symmetry. My advice is to start with the top , from the inside (closest you your nose) outwards (towards your ears) Make sure your eyebrows are thicker in the inside (closer to your nose) and thinner on the outside (closer to your ears) the shaping should be a smooth curve up. as for the bottom of the eyebrow, only remove the unwanted hair closest to the eye lashes.

    Source(s): I used to pluck my sisters eyebrows all the time
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    i think although you want to do them your self, you should get them waxed. they give you a really nice shape to keep plucked and it doesn't hurt nearly as bad!! when you pluck it hurts every "hair" you pull out, when you wax it does it in larger portions so it doesn't hurt that bad.

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    i suggest getting them waxed first then after that if you start to see hair growing then pluck them out as they grow

    Source(s): experience
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