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Does anyone know where I can buy protective boots for my horses feet?

Neither of our horses are shod, and we are going on an overnight trip in october. Does anyone know where i can buy nice quality, inexpensive boots for my horses?

(preferably online)

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    Brushing boots can never harm although they're a sprint bit a soreness to maintain sparkling whilst the pony sweats or is going with the aid of muddy floor. they're extra useful than bandages that have a bent to tighten in damp circumstances and would desire to be expertly utilized to evade lumps and bumps on the tendons which will reason tendon harm. relatively brushing boots made up of neoprene or leather-based do no longer supply help and can be used at any time, yet help boots do supply some help and it is authentic that in case you employ them constantly the pony will develop into based on them. As for the bell boots, those can no longer harm if ideal equipped yet they're very puzzling to placed on and if too massive would reason tripping and falls. To be straightforward, if the pony isn't doing that lots violent interest - ie lots of sharp turns and circles, then i would not worry with them.

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    Boots! Yes!

    All our horses were barefoot on our ranch, before we got out of Equine. I love Jeffers. I really liked the EasyBoot Epic that they carry. See WebSite:

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