Cash for Clunkers - registration requirement?

The rules of cash for clunkers state that the car you own must be insured and registered continuously for 1 year prior to purchase of a new car. So if you were late in renewing your registration within the last year are you ineligible to participate even though when you eventually do renew it becomes effective the original month the renewal was due. For instance, if you were due in April and renewed in May, they don't give you a May sticker...thanks for your help!

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    The title must show your name for one year.

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    If you are in Texas, which I am, I know if you register your car late and don't tell them that you have had it in the shop etc (i.e. you have been driving it) then they charge you from when it was due. It may take the state a few days to process this, but it should show continuous registration. The big question here is can you show them proof of insurance for the last year? Then you should be able to trade it in for a new car with the 3500/4500 depending on the government rated mpg. Note, it does have to be less than 25 years old, and drivable. The bad part is if you had a car that gets great gas mileage, like a Civic or Corolla, you would have to get a car with super gas mileage (think Hybrid) to get any part of it.

    Source(s): and of course my own experience with the State of Texas DPS dept.
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