question about runny noses?

My lil one is almost 9 months and for about the last 2 weeks now she's had, I wanna say a nasal drip? When she breathes I can hear it like in the back of her throat, and shes having a hard time breathing at night, and occasionally it will run out her nostrills, and ive ben using the humidifer and the nose suckign thing, but its been like this for 2 weeks, should I call the doctor? I feel kind of silly calling for a runny nose.

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    my lo was the same and i called the doctor 1st, he recommended i bring him in just in case it was an ear infection or anything like that. I would take her to the docs as they can do a quick check and put your mind at rest. My lo was just a cold and i was recommended to use a nasal aspirator, nasal drops and take him into the bathroom with a steamy shower running as the steam helps clear the passages and try rub a bit of baby vapor rub on her chest before she sleeps that helped my LO loads. All the best!

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    Could be seasonal allergies though. Not sure if they can give anything to a 9 month old for that. I think you've waited 2 weeks, and it would be fine to get it checked out to be sure. If you called after 2 days of a runny nose, then I'd say that was a little silly.

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    My 5 month old had a runny nose for 2 months! Doctor just kept telling me doing the same things you're all ready doing. But ya call the doctor if you feel the need too. I did, makes me feel less worried.

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    Most likely allergies, take her to the doc anyways x

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