is she still in love with her ex? well last night i was drinking (bad idea)?

and i was with my fiance well anyways her ex laid his hands on her right before we got together well anyways i texted him off her phone saying hey meet me at my house my house for sex well he showed up and i beat him up now she is so mad she won't talk to me is she still in love with him or was what i did stupid and inmature? btw she has nothing to do with him since we've been together they don't tlk text or anything


it really was'nt about me being insucure it was the fact that he hit her that made me mad it just shes so perfect i could'nt see how anyone could do that to her

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    You were definatley wrong, and she has every right to be mad. She isn't in love with him, but you just probably lost a lot of respect. That was a definate no no!! You need to sit her down and apologize, becuase she obviously loves you, but you are doing damage by acting that way. My advice, try not to drink(you don't sound like your that friendly drunk) Talk to her, she loves you not him, but what you did was wrong and yes immature. talk talk talk thats all you can do:) Good luck sweety

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    It sounds like you are insecure. Why would you do this? Do you not trust your fiance? Are you really surprised that he showed up? He thought he was going to get sex from her. That was not a very smart thing to do, however, the fact that you did it makes me think that you don't trust her and you are not ready to marry her. Just my opinion. You should do some soul searching and find out the real reason why you did this. Talk to her about it.

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    Well if they don't talk or text since you twoo been together. Then your the stupid one for not trusting her. Maybe you just need to bag your insecurties or find an uglier girl so you feel equal with someone of your standings.

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    that was a stupid thing to do..since your a guy you should know guys would do any thing for sex.. they won't say of course he was wrong of you to do that because if she didn't talk to him at all you shouldn't of worried she loved you that's why shes marring you

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  • 1 decade ago

    i dont think it was either. i dont think she loves him at all anymore, and what u did wasnt THAT immature... u were protecting her. i would of loved that. :) he was prolly just saying hi to her u know. if they dont talk at all ne more, it was just a friendly hello. u gotta calm down and trust her more.

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