Prototype or Infamous?

The title says it all. btw i am a Ps3 owner.

Proto or Infamous?

Extra question. After beating the it possible to go all over new york and whatever i in Spider-man 2???

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  • Eric
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    1 decade ago
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    Infamous. Support those exclusives man! Also, I have the game and find it completely awesome. I've beaten it twice and am going back for a third. The game did not get boring for me in the least bit, and the only boring side mission is destroying surveillance devices off the sides of buildings. The story is amazing, the platforming is just plain sweet. The action can get extremely epic.

    As for your extra question, I'm not sure if you're asking about both games, as the city in Infamous is called Empire City. But yes you can go around doing whatever you want, collecting blast shards and dead drops, doing side missions, etc. after you beat the story.

  • 1 decade ago

    Infamous for sure. I just beat inFamous twice. Story is very compelling and gameplay is balanced.

    I didn't like prototype too much. It was to chaotic and I didn't have enough control over my character. The storyline was kind of meh. I couldn't even go through 1/4 of it.

    After you beat inFamous you can roam around to do whatever you want. If you didn't collect all the items (shards, dead drops) then you can still do that. On my bad karma runthrough, I just killed everyone on sight after I beat it.

  • 1 decade ago

    Prototype:Has more action and weapons

    Infamous eh you only use electric and stuff around you that's electric but i rather you get prototype it has more action

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