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Why do married guys keep approaching me for affairs?

I am getting really tired of married guys approaching me and wanting to be alot more than friends.....

It makes me feel cheap and stupid. In the past 3 months two poeple I thought were my friends both asked me for sex and I told them both NO

I am not sure what I am doing to have married guys keep approaching me like this but I really hate it and I need advice


No I dont wear revealing clothes, but maybe I give off a shy demeanor

Update 2:

no I think girls and guys can be just friends but married guys seem to want more it bugs me

Update 3:

Most of the time I am dressed really casual with jeans and a top with little makeup

Update 4:

I think I am giving off a vibe that I should evaluate and I will avoid married guys period unless they are childhood friends

Update 5:

Thank you Anna belle

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    Married men dont usually hang out with single women so the fact that you are willing to hang out and be friends may give them the wrong idea. But dont blame yourself too much just keep telling them no!

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    Why would YOU feel like the cheap or stupid one here? Clearly they are the cheating DOGS - so make THEM feel like that instead of YOU taking on the guilt for their stupidity and ignorance! You might consider if you are dressing in such a way as to draw married men to you or behaving in some unseeming way - but otherwise, this is THEIR issue not yours. Give them all a bigger, stronger BRUSH OFF!

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    because marriage today is a joke, and you are not the only girl in the world that this happens to, Marriage today is pointless because we have been conditioned to think we should all have an easy life and full of instant gratification, so marriage gets tiring very easy, and the wife becomes boring, we need variety today like the ever changing technology... your not at fault or cheap, just probably very attractive and most men must sense a very loving side in you that they dont get from thier boring wifes,

  • Dude, its all about the vibes youa re sending, you might be sending out vibes of wanting more like sex. Also depends where you work at . if you work at a place where the majority of people are over 30, you might have interaction with people who are married.

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    Guys will put it in anything, if its not you it will be someone else if they let them. I find this kind of odd, lets say you did sleep with them, you are a slut....why isn't there a filthy name pinned on them, they are married, isn't this interesting the way this works. If they ask you for sex and you give in, black mail them. Tell them that you are going to tell their wives, might as well get something out of it.

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    wow thats really crappy. i think you need to look for guys in a different place... avoid married guys in GENERAL! if you know he is married just back off period so then you can avoid any of those problems for the future. and start looking for those single men who arent involved with anyone...

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    This happens to me all the time. Men are pigs..its your personality...i went to counseling it got so bad and made me just want to stay home. This is very hard on you. You can't change yourself for others. I guess take it as a grain of rice.

    Plus they just are amazed that you even talk to them so you must want to sleep with them...sometimes you have to be a ***** for them to understand you dont like them...

  • No offense, but if it has happened with more than one person, you need to evaluate your behavior because you are doing something that sends out that vibe.

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    Married guys think if you are nice, smiley, good looking, dress provocatively you want them. Sorry but it is the truth.

  • maybe your too nice to them/

    seem easy/

    are a challenge /

    just the only potential about...

    who knows? I guess your gathering that girls and guys aren't usually just 'friends'

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