21 weeks pregnant pain in my ribs and back?

I am 21 weeks and 3 days pregnant with a baby girl!! I have been getting a sharp pain in the right side of my rib and around to my back for the past 3 days it comes and goes all day but usually only last and hour or so. I know it isn't indigestion i took tums and it didn't help. So do you think it is my baby girl pushing on my ribs or do you think she is to still to small to be doing that. I feel her kick all the time but it has never been this high before

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    It could just be your body making room for the baby. It could also by symptoms of gall stones. Generally the pain is on the right side under your ribs and the pain can spread around to in between your shoulder blades. Gall bladder pain can last from an hour to several hours and the pain is usually very intense. I Just had the same kind of pain a couple nights ago and am afraid of it happening again because I do not want gall stones (my sister had them with her 2nd pregnancy and it was awful to watcher her go through that.)

    I hope that it's just your body making room for the baby!

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    I am 27+5 w/ a boy and I'm going to be honest, I have experiened the same, excruciating pain for the past several weeks. Extra Strength Tylenol does squat. The only way I get relief is to take of my bra (I wear underwire which makes the pain worse) and lay down flat on my back. After about 10 minutes the pain generally will subside. Unfortunately I work F/T in an office so the pain is pretty much always there. Most days I end up crying because it's so bad. In the past week or so I've come to accept it. Your rib cage is expanding and your baby is also moving, pushing, kicking in there even if you don't always feel it. I know it's tough. I actually thought about asking my dr if they can put me on disability because I really have some long, painful, emotional days however I cannot afford to be on disability so I have to stick it out. Talk to your dr. Maybe he/she will have some further insight.

    Source(s): 27 weeks w/ #1 - my rib pain is worse than my five months of morning sickness!!! Hang in there, it will be worth it.
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    I'm due the same day as you with a little boy! My back and my tailbone have been bothering me lately - but I sit all day at work, so that is probably what is causing my pain. Are you sitting or standing in the same position for a long time?

    Source(s): 21w 3d with #1 - a boy!
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    Hi, I have this too!!! And it is soo traumatic, and I'm most effective 23 weeks (additionally a lady). I become aware of it is going away whilst I sit down up and stretch out, but if I'm sitting or riding it will get quite traumatic. That's all I realize.

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    i had the same problem i was 110lbs when i got pregnant and about 4 months or so i was hurting in the same way u are. all my dr. told me was its the baby making room everything has to stretch to make room. girl it only gets worse :(

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    well im 20w 1d with a little boy!!!! and i have been getting pain in my lower back and i was told it was normal so good luck. if you are really worried then just call your doctor and see what they say

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    Yeah I get that some too. It hurts. I am having a little girl too. You are due on my b-dayy

    Source(s): 24w1d
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