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What do I do with my new grass that has tons of weeds growing in it?

I hydro-seeded about 2.5 months ago, the grass was coming in slow and steady. I live in So. Califonia, and the temperature has been no lower than 90 degrees the past 3 weeks. All of a sudden the weeds have taken over, probably 60% of my yard.

I was told I cannot do weed & feed yet as it's too soon and would kill the grass, but my yard looks like crap. It's about 9,000 sq feet.

Anyone have suggestions, or do I just keep watering and live with this crappy yard full of weeds?

I am currently watering 3 x a day as when I cut it back to 2x a day it seemed like dead spots started to grow.

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    Until you can use an herbicide, you are probably going to have to just live with it, unless you go out by hand and pull the weeds. You might try a small amount of herbicide in a corner of the yard, just to test drive it and see if your lawn can take the chemical treatment yet.

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    i think of grass can advance with the aid of very nearly something, and weeds will are available on an intensive 2d. Sand could help with the weeds a splash, yet i might wager it would not help as lots with the grass. given which you seem to have grass, besides as weeds, the respond may be a splash greater complicated. If it have been in basic terms weeds, then in case you used Preen on your planter you won't have any further weeds germinate from seed. given which you in all probability have regularly occurring grass roots interior the soil, mulch or chips may be surprising. you may choose to apply it thick adequate to deter greater germination or strengthen of the undesirable plantlife, in keeping with threat 2 or 3 inches, yet that should remember on your possibilities. besides the prevalent mulches and chips, there is likewise a mulch stated as , "Cocoa bark mulch", this is finely floor hulls, or something similiar, from the Cocoa plan. in case you will discover it, it incredibly is dark brown and makes a thick mat while it continues to be down long adequate. no longer too lots looks to get with the aid of it, as long because it incredibly is thick adequate.;

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