Did this girl get jealous? How do I get her to tell me how she feels?

I have known this girl for a very long time since I was a little kid. I'm 19 now. We are really good friends.

Today my mom and I went over to her house but I didnt enter the house I left to go do something else.

My mom told the girl and her mom that I went out on a date with a girl.

My mom and her mom started to notice that the girl would always be looking out the window towards the driveway and looking in the mirror to fix the way she looks.

When I come back to spend some time at the girls house.

The girl says "eww how was your date?" And she was acting in a certain way she never had before around me.

I didnt have a date but I went along with the story.

And the girl even sat right next to me and stayed the whole time i was there. We really didnt talk that much but she's not that much of a talker anyway. She usually doesnt sit next to me or keep me company. But this time she did.

My Mom and her Mom said she got jealous but I dont know.

What do you think did she get jealous? How do I get her to tell me how she feels about me?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    she probley had a crush and didnt want to ruin the friendship if you didnt feel the same way.

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