How many calories is this vegetable kind of like stew ?

Okay so my grandma is from a different country and she makes this like vegetable stew thing she puts some oil , 3 large onions , 4 to 5 tomatoes and 2 hot peppers and 4 - 5 bell peppers , and I think she puts one little can of tomato paste I think how many calories ?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You need the exact recipe to determine calories, but sweetie, don't worry about it. There are not very many with those vegetables.

  • bussie
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    4 years ago

    the 1st ingredient I do is to get out each and all the leftovers I truthfully have on the cabinets I then go during the vegetable bin and notice what's in there i'm able to upload. next I do an analogous with the freezer as that's a competent thank you to eliminate luggage that are almost empty. I oftentimes have dried slit peas, pearl barley as quickly as all of this is underway I initiate searching for seasons and tastes i'm able to upload. i will infrequently use inventory cubes or inventory as there must be adequate with the chicken commencing from scratch i could probable spend ninety minutes engaged on it. I truthfully have an aversion to including tomatoes of any form, yet this is purely me as they do upload a great style of flavour. Chetak

  • Mike
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    1 decade ago

    sound just fine to me except for the chilli's

    as for calories * * * HOW many do you NEED. . ? ?

    and you know for sure - - like it will make it taste- - - less


  • 1 decade ago

    tomato paste should say on the can

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