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Are there any other proud Republicans out there?

I was let down by the Republican Party during Bush's last few months. But I'm seeing how reckless the Obama Administration has become. Barry is actually more radical than I thought he'd be. I am quickly reverting to my Republican pride more each day. Emperor Obama is reminding me of how the Democrats are geared to seize private enterprise, whereas the Republicans do it only as a very last resort.

Does anyone else feel aligned with the Republicans, now that Obama's showcasing his true beliefs?



I'm not unenlightened. I know the Republican ranks are rampant with corruption. I'd love to be independent, but the system doesn't elect independents, so I just gravitate to the Republican party.

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    I am and getting more so everyday ! You have to consider that Bush had very little power after the democrats took over congress. So he didn't get much done without fighting them . The stimulus was a prime example of that he was being pushed by the democrats to do it , than after Obama was elected he started acting like he had taken over in November ! Bush just laid low and tried to be a gentleman about it . Obama is on the fast track to destroying this nation ! Many people are waking up and starting to catch on that this health care thing is a nightmare, just like the car bailout was pay to play ! The feds have screwed up there cash for clunkers in 5 days and they want to control our health care. Lord have mercy on us is all I can say . He will take more American lives than any war we have been in! Mostly the elderly and young . We know he is for late term abortion so he isn't going to bad an eye at withholding life saving medicine and treatments from elderly or children born with defects ! All these people who thinks he is such a prince better stop to think it could hit them at home anytime !

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    Seriously emboldened to Republican since January this year. I didn't think it would be this bad either.

    At least we can say that the democrats were given a chance since 2006 and it has been worse than a nightmare since then.

    The Tea parties have been a great source of inspiration and hope.

    2010 can't get here soon enough.

    God bless.

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    The republicans reluctance to control the financial institutions wasn't a "last resort". It was an inability to do what was right when it was needed and almost resulted in being a "too late".

    Saying that regulating corporations is NEVER right is just as wrong as saying regulating them is ALWAYS the right thing to do.

    It's not a matter of more government or less government being better. It is a matter of finding the appropriate government involvement.

    I am not surprised that Republicans don't believe in government's ability to regulate the economy. Not the way they run things. At the same time, I don't feel comfortable when Democrats say more government involvement will ALWAYS make things better.

    I think Obama is trying to find that "appropriate" level of government involvement.

  • Although Bush didn't make the best choices, he was doing it for the COUNTRY. Not for his own means and re-election. Obama's reckless use of our countries money and resources has pushed me even farther right than I was before.

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    How do you do? My name is Eric the Republican!!

    Just in the neighborhood and through I'd stop by and introduce myself!


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    No, I am a positive person. I am not going to become obssessed about where a baby was born 47 years ago when no one else asks about birth certificates that have been proven to be real...No, look at our avatar names & you can see the difference. We are very different. You like sniffing butts & I like very different higher quality things in life.

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    Yes. I'm still a Republican and if the party turns far enough right I will stay one. If not it's hasta la byebye.

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    I feel aligned with neither party. Don't give in to the two party thing. Think for yourself.

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    I was republican before. and even more so after Obama

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    I am now independent...Dems always sucked, and Republicans keep letting me down!

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