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Please rate looks from 1-10(pics. included)?

My sister always says she looks really ugly. I always tell her she looks great. Please rate her from 1(best) -- 10(worst).

She wanted to know if she looks like someone that someone else would like to go out with.



What can she do to improve her looks?

Update 2:

What can she do to become a 1

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    If you want a critique on your photography then ask here.

    If you want a comment on "how pretty" you are then please go to hotornot or something.

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    i would say like a 5. to become a 1, i would probably add some makeup or straighten your hair

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    Shes cute!

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    ye shes ok


    she looks like some person...

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    because she's foreign

    she's probably pretty in her own country

    tell her to go back there

    they probably have a special planned husband for her there.

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