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I need to loose wait cause i'm a teen and 30 pounds over wait?

ok so what i'm goin say is im a teenager i way 153 i'm 30 pounds over wait im kinda loosing wait cause i really don't eat can you help me to loose wait fast i would love to loose just 10 pounds in the matter of 3 weeks if that is possible....

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    Try running every morning. Start slow, then increase your speed to really fast. When you feel like you can't run anymore, slow down to a slow jog. Another good exercise is play games like DDR. One time, I played for 3 hours without noticing how tired I was 'cause it was so much fun. I'm down from 140lbs to 134lbs. Good luck!

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    I know this is long reply. But please take your time and read this. I know this work. So please read it =)

    Water is very good for you and specially if you're on diet and if you're working out-water is very good and keeps you hydrated.

    I don't believe in pills or any weight loss shakes-they are bogus and lame and are temporally and have many side effects.

    First loose the soda, cut down on pizza and fast food.

    If you like fires make 'em at home in oven. They come out very yummy and oil free.

    Key is to eat small portions 5 times a day.

    Morning: boiled eggs, corn flakes, fat free milk, if you want to fry eggs loose the yolk and eat the white part.

    Morning snack around 10:30am-11am: a piece of fruit / 2 cups of veggie/ salad

    Lunch: Turkey / Chicken lunchmeat with whole grain or wheat bread.

    1 Cup of veggies.

    Mid day snack (around 2:30pm or so) a piece of fruit or health bar.

    Dinner: Grill fish with veggies / brown rice with beans/ wheat pasta with grill chicken.

    9pm snack (optional-only if you feel lil hungry 2 hours before your sleep time) have yogurt.

    The key is to loose red meat and pork and add more wheat products to your diet. Drink lots of water. As you can read i did not talk about any sweet products. Sweet only from fruits no cookies no cake no brownies.None of that. Sweet things have more and load and calories. Take your protein because you would need that protein for your work out.

    Cardio you can do every day. at least 30-40 min cardio. like jog-run, bike, swim, dance. Any exercise that will raise the heart beat and make you sweat.

    For hips, behind and thighs one thing SQUATS and LUNGES helps a lot!

    SQUATS are hard to do in start but once you get use to of it, no problem

    for butt is "BUTT BLASTER" EXERCISE. You can do it in your bedroom. To see how to perform those exercises, you can go image google put the key word and check out the pics and that will give you idea on how to perform those exercises. All the exercises i told you, you can do it in your bedroom, no need to go to gym or buy any equipment.

    Start by doing 3 sets of 15 each.

    Believe me you will see results within a month.

    I have told other people too, this entire veggies and fruit intake will make you very regular and you will make about 4 trips to the bathroom, so be prepare.

    Source(s): Personal Experience
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    not eating is a horrible way to lose weight you seriously need food... try eating heaither and alot of heaithy food is good you seriously wouldnt belive how good heaithly food is (i kno cuz i'm a teen but luv it not all will be yummie but alot will) look up some recipes or ask for them on here also exscersie running, even at a slower pace, is good for u and sit ups if u have a belly little budge (like i used too) try alot of diffrent stuff :D

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    ok, first you are overWEIGHT, not wait. lose 10 pounds in 3 weeks is def. possible, but it's going to be hard. cut your calories down, eat healthy, and exercise daily. good luck!

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    beginning administration could have slightly of an effect on your weight, yet i do no longer think of that the end result's so large that it could preclude you from dropping weight. in case you're no longer exercising, this is the place your project lies.

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