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What happens to the prey population when there are no predators?

Also what would happen to the environment around them.

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    basically the prey population will spike because they have no predators. but then it will fall dramatically because the will exceed their carrying capacity and begin to die of starvation or disease. then the numbers will start to climb again. this oscillating pattern will continue as the population tries to enter equilibrium (live within the carrying capacity)

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    The prey population will reproduce out of control. This is what has happened in my home state of Kansas since we eliminated wolves and cougars in the late 1800s. There are so many deer that they strip the bark off of trees and kill whole groves. Their overpopulation causes malnourishment and disease amongst themselves and makes them a constant threat to motorists. The state should loosen hunting restrictions but there are too many misguided animal welfare nuts to allow that to happen.

    There are some species of animal, such as rabbits, that will voluntarily stop reproducing when they are overpopulated. Ordinarily, however, a the loss of a predator really messes things up unless that predator can be replaced with another.

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    The prey population will grow to the point where there will be no food for the prey to eat. Therefor all the prey will die and the environment will die also since there will be no carbon dioxide for the plants to breathe in.

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    Well soe people would think they would develope more. But the can't. Because every living animal is a predator. If there were none all the animals would whither away to nothing. For plants they should still grow. Many will die. But some can withstand this and wouldlive.

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