Can an canadian resident buy a Firearm from US dealer?

i would like to buy from an online store, i read that there are exporters that can do this for a fee. is there anything else i have to pay on my end when i recieve the firearm? i assume i would have to pick the firearm up from a store or something.

anyone know of some good online stores that will do this?


i want to buy from a US retailer because there is a much better selection than my local hunting stores not to mention a lot cheaper. A glock 19 is well over $1000 here. Canada has much more rigid Firearms laws than the US so illegally importing a gun from a store is not going to be possible. i have to get an Authorization to Transport form from the police just to bring a firearm home from the store.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Well that depends on the dealer. I do not hold an FFL and therefore do not know the specifics. It would be best to contact a dealer but you still need the proper permits. On your end you would need a restricted and non-restricted possession and acquisition license (PAL) plus be a member of a certified range and if your going to buy say a semi-auto rifle you need another permit but I don't know the name.

    But as far as I know you have no legal options. You would have to buy Canadian. If you are trying to do this to circumvent your country's laws than you essentially doing illegal activity. On top of that American dealers will only sell guns to residents of their state unless a buyer from another state has the weapon shipped to a dealer in their state to do a proper transfer.

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