Why doesn't Coldplay allow bottle caps at their concerts?

I was recently at their concert, there were signs up saying "Per artist request, no bottle caps are to be given out with beverages." The soda machines were shut down, they would take the caps off your waters before handing them to you... Anyone know?

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    They do this at alot of concerts. Its due to safety. People throw bottles at concerts, and it's going to hurt alot less if you get hit with an empty bottle than a full one. If they dont take the caps from you, someone can whip a full bottle of water into the crowd and kill someone. If they take the bottle caps, and someone throws a full bottle, it will spill out of the end, and be a less hard hit.

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    That's not just them

    It means because the stadium is tired of people throwing their bottle caps everywhere and not just throwing them away

    Went to a basketball game last month and the same happended to me

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