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How to get me and my cats relationship better?

Well I have had my cat Moonlight for almost 2 years now ever since he was a kitten, and we have had a rocky relationship. It's with most of my family, but he attacks me more. For example I was going up the stairs nad I didn't really acknowledge him, but I knew he was there and as I pasted him he bit me on my leg. It started bleeding. I know this is most likely why he hates me but I discipline him usually with a pop on the butt or nose, and tell him no in a strict voice. I want to also be able to pet him without getting mauled, so please how can I change my habbits to improve my cat?

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    If someone hit YOU on the nose, you wouldnt want to hang around with them, would you? But what do you usually discipline him for, besides biting? Cats are a lot less of troublemakers than dogs except for mauling furniture, so if thats the case, get him a scratching post or de-claw him. Has he been neutered? Non-neutered male cats can be quite aggressive

    Here's how I suggest making him a little friendlier. Sometimes the best way to gain an animal's trust and affection is through its stomach. If you're not the one who feeds him, do it yourself. Throw little pieces of raw shrimp or other tasty treats in front of him to eat. Playing with him more might also help. Try dangling long pieces of string for him to chase, but keep it far enough away if you dont want to be scratched.

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    Well why do you think your cat will like you if you "pop" him on the butt or the nose? Everytime he sees you coming towards him he will be expecting to be hit. I am afraid you have caused this problem and you will have to deal with it.

    A cat who is treated with aggression will respond with aggression and, as in the case of your cat, will sometimes be the first to instigate the attack as a form of defence. You can try to change your ways by ignoring him completely for a while - don't respond to any attack he might make - and hopefully he will stop seeing you as a threat. Reward his good behaviour with a treat and kind words but don't touch him until he has stopped attacking you. Sit on the floor with him and blink slowly - staring is a sign of intimidation between cats but blinking is a sign of acceptance. Don't try to touch him until he comes to you for affection and then keep it to a minimum for a while - a few gentle strokes around the side of the face but no whole body stroking until he feels he can trust you. Play with him using rod toys but never your hands.

    It could take a while because I am afraid you have damaged his confidence in you.

    Source(s): Animal welfare volunteer working with feline behaviourist. Owner of 5 cats.
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    Just like people, cats have different personalities.

    Cats, can also be very stubborn. Start small with trying to get a better friendship with him. Give him treats. If you want to pet him, but he growls or hisses - DO NOT force yourself on him, but also, don't back off. Backing off shows him that he won. Stay near. Maybe dangle a string for him.

    While you don't want to stop showing him that biting is bad, you need to make sure you have positive time with him too. Persuading a cat to like you when they already don't like you, is a long process, but it can be done with patience.

    When my cat was a kitten, she was scared of everyone and everything, and I won her over by being a constant, calm precense. I would sit where she could see me, and read. Just being there in a non-threatening manner helped a great deal. Luring her with string is what won her over, in the end, really. Once she wasn't afraid of me anymore.

    Appeal to your cats tastes. Maybe ask if you can be the one to feed him, honestly, I think the way to a cats heart is through his stomach... Heh.

    Good luck!

    Source(s): Longtime Cat owner
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    well first of all, never hit a cat anywhere except the nose, and even there, not too hard.

    maybe he was abused as a kitten or something, and it made him mean. maybe something traumatized him early. or maybe he simply doesnt like people and wants his space.

    also, Moonlight doesnt hate you because you discipline him. my dad disciplines our naughty cat and the cat still loves him and purrs and such.

    do you think its possible that maybe thats how he shows his affection for you? its just a thought... idk

    well, whenever he doesnt bite you or act mean, praise him and give him a treat. pet him and talk to him lovingly. he will soon associate being nice to you with treats. but if he doesnt like humans and wants his space, give it to him. that could be the cause.

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