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Tourist attractions in South Dakota...?

How many days would I need to stay to visit the main attractions such as Mt Rushmore, Crazy Horse, Deadwood, the caves, the goldmines, the 1880's train, Badlands etc. Can it all be done in a couple of days or would I need longer? I'm planning to stay in Rapid City or Keystone areas...any tourism advise would be great.

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    Stay in keystone if those are your 2 choices. Rapid City is some distance from the attractions. The Badlands is East of Rapid City and the other attractions so you should plan on that on your way in or out, depending on where you are coming from. You should plan on about 2 big attractions per day, maybe 3 if they are very close.

    You might consider staying in 2 locations for 3 days each or so to minimize your driving. Look at Deadwood and Keystone for example. my family loved a day trip to Devils Tower, WY, well worth it.

    It is silly to say that you can do Mt. Rushmore in 15 minutes. In fact you should make the effort to go back for the evening show. This is easy to do from Keystone.

    You can accomplish all this stuff and more (like Custer park) in 4 days, 5 if you go slowly.

    Have fun!

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    I was out there for bike week last year, spent a week and didn't see all I wanted to. We stayed in Spearfish, and on motor cycles hit all the very cool tourist stuff. The badlands will take your breath away, and go to Mt. Moria in Deadwood to see the graves of people you read about in history books (take the bus its free). Hill City is big fun, and if your on 2 wheels make sure you hit Spearfish Canyon and Needles Highway they are verrrrryyy cool.

    Source(s): Been there in 08 and will be back in 10.
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    mt rushmore - 15 minutes. its just like the postcards.

    same for crazy horse.

    longer for the others.

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