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My son was sexually assulted by his own step brother....?

Now I do not need any advice on how to be a parent or any of the other smart *** coments I got last time, I am looking for a way to remove the step brother from my parents custody and have him put somewhere that he will get help. He has lived with my parents for 12 years, he is a problem child and we just found out that he has done this before and has become violent, does anyone know of any resources that I could use to get some good advice on how to deal with this, I have been looking for laws that pertain to teenage sex offenders but it keeps taking me to adult, I live in Virginia so any advice would be helpful. And yes my son is in counciling thank you, and my parents live in South Carolina and are in denial that it is that serious, I need him to be removed so that he can get the right help, and not be sheltered, I think at this point he needs to walk a very hard road with out the sheltering. Please help me find a way.



my parents only have what is called grandparents rights I can ultimatly make the decisions. And we have already involved the police and social services, I just want to know what I am talking about when I go into court, sorry I was not specific. Thanks

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    I don't know if this will help but from my experiences i know this is a place that can help any type of problem. Ridgeview Its a short term place (anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks) they put u in therapy classes they evaluate you and have a psyciatrist.They Also wont let anyone leave without an after care plan. They do the research for you and find places that specializes in helping you, by whatever your problem is. Thats the best i can do for you. I know what you are going through is hard but keep your head up and just know there is help out there for that young man...and your family.


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    Unfortunately, without being his legal gaurdian, there isn't much you can do. Howevor, if there were criminal charges against him for the sexual abuse, maybe you can get him as a registered sexual offender. This might stay with him his whole life and might hinder his ability to get a job, etc., but will teach him a lesson without making him go to jail and therapy. Hope this helps...

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    Since you do not have legal custody, there's not much you can do to force `him in to a psychiatric hospital/ prison for violent offenders since he does not live in Virginia. All you could do is hire a lawyer in SC and ask him to file a lawsuit against your parents for custody...then commit him.

    Did the assault happen in Virginia? If it did you can talk to a magistrate and file a criminal complaint...

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    You may want to consult professional services such as a psychiatrist. They can be pricey, but if you get one appointed to you by the state due to your circumstance, you may not have to pay anything. I would first consult my local court office and also community centers to get further information.

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    wow, sorry for you..

    You need to contact your Local Police explain the situation and take the necessary steps to get this kid and your son taken care of. Do it now

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    oh my i am so sorry. i have no clue or advice i am sorry. but good luck at making through this and i do not mean to be rude but he assulted another guy?

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    you many times blunders on the area of your babies. flow away your husband in case you're able to and flow out of the state. save your babies, they are helpless without you. i comprehend approximately this from first hand journey. in case you will not save your person babies, who will? God expects you to guard babies above your husbands relatives family members. in basic terms because of the fact the police can not make a case the DA will take does not recommend i did not ensue, do you think of your babies are mendacity to you and if so why. your babies are crying for help, get them the hell away. i'm an person male and no guy desires to stroll for the period of the hearth I even have in my heart, Get that hearth in yours.

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    Contact these people and if they can't help, they might help with a referral. {hugs} to you.

    Edit: some links did not work, do hopefully these will. if you can't click on them, just copy and paste.

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    u can play hardball n w/the right evidence get child services to arrest n detain him for more effective help.

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    Turn him in to the police.

    They will take care of it.

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