When did you hear your baby's heart-beat with a Doppler?

My doctor couldn't hear my baby's heart-beat at 11 weeks with a Doppler. Even though he told me not to worry, that it was early, I am (of course) worried. Especially when I read about people hearing the heart-beats at like 8-9 weeks. What was your experience - when did you hear (and not hear) the heart-beat?

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    My doctor doesn't even both to listen for it with a doppler until after 12 weeks. They say you can't hear it on a doppler until 10 weeks and it can still be hard to pick up then.

    I had an ultrasound at 12 weeks so I didn't get the doppler until 16 weeks but it was hard to pick up on the doppler at 16 weeks.. I was a little scared because she had to put the transducer in a couple different spots to get it.

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    A lot can depend on how your baby is sitting and the density of the tissues and fluids between the doppler device and your baby's heart.

    I wouldn't worry too much right now. If they can't hear the heartbeat at your next appointment then you may want to ask about it. But babies move around a lot too. When they are that small they have more places to "hide" too. At my last appointment the midwife was trying to get in a position where she could get a beat count but my girl kept moving around A LOT and so it took longer than normal to pick up on the heartbeat. (I was 30 weeks pregnant at the time).

    I think we heard it at our first appointment which wasn't until 17wks. (long story regarding insurance issues) Hearing my daughter's heartbeat for the first time was incredible:) I started crying! My hubby was all grins too. It's an awesome experience. It was almost as cool as the ultrasound. Nothing can compare to the awe you feel while watching your baby move on the screen and actually feeling what you are seeing!!

    Good luck and best wishes:)

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  • Everyone is different. You are still pretty early. I was fourteen weeks and the doctor that did it predicted it was going to be a boy, which it turned out to be. But then again, I didn't know I was pregnant until I was fourteen weeks. You will be able to hear it when your baby gets a little bigger, don't fuss or worry yourself over it. First you will hear the heartbeat and then you will find out the sex (if you want to know) then the little flutters at twenty weeks and then the hard kicks at 26 weeks. Once the baby is really big you will feel the hard pokes and jabs because there is not a lot of room for the big baby to be growing. It all comes in time, be patient, and don't cry like me when you first hear the heartbeat. GOOD LUCK AND CONGRATS!

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    Im in the uk and i heard both of my daughters by doppler at 14 weeks but saw them with a scan at 6 8 and 12 weeks

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    That can happen sometimes because the baby is still small at 11 weeks. I heard mine at 12 weeks because I rented a doppler and didnt stop until I found it! You are fine sweety, dont worry.

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    Please try not to worry! If the doctor was not concerned, then try (as hard as it is) & take the advice. If they were truly worried about it, they would have sent you for an ultrasound right away to make sure you could see the heart beating. It also depends on the position of the baby that will cause it to be faint to not heard at all. I was preggers with my DD and she decided to make herself known at 12 weeks. Keep your chin up love and happy thoughts are coming your way!

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    I'm 26 weeks pregnant, and just started hearing her heart beat around 18 weeks. She was just really shy, don't worry yet. There's more to worry about later on I promise. I hope this helps.

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    With both of my pregnancies I could hear it at 8 1/2 weeks, but that is really early. I wouldn't worry. If they were worried they would have done an ultrasound.

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    i heard mine babies heartbeat first at 10 1/2 weeks with the doppler, I rented...when i went in for my 15 week appt the nurse couldn't find the heartbeat with their doppler but when i got home i found it right away......I wouldn't worry, expecially if the nurse couldn't find mine at 15 weeks.

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    Depends, I heard my babys heartbeat at 11 weeks, but its not uncommon to hear it a little bit later. It all depends on where the baby is sitting in your belly

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