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Can I have some advice please?

At how many weeks should I pack my hospital bag? Do you think I should pack it ahead of time just in case?

Also do you think it is appropriate to ask for things for mom during birth as a shower girft?

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    I would pack my bags early on.

    I went into the hospital at 35 weeks just to get "checked out" so my husband and I only brought a couple things since we hadn't packed yet.

    Got in there and they said they were delivering my baby that night. Never saw it coming. Pack that bag! I'd say by the start of your 3rd trimester you should start packing the bag, once it's out of the way you can focus on other things anyway.

    Personally I think it is appropriate to ask for things for the mom during birth for a shower gift. I know my MIL would disagree (she was very definite the shower was for the baby and not for me) so it depends on how YOU feel about it. If people you invite think it is inappropriate then they can buy something for your little one instead.

    Source(s): Mom who didn't pack her bag soon enough.
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    Some people have theirs ready from around 25 weeks but normally its a few weeks before the birth date. I was induced so i knew when i was going to need my bag so i packed it the night before i went in, which would have been really handy if i had went early.

    And yeah I don't see why not.

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    Always have things ready, you never know when you will have your baby so yes it is best to have everything ready a head of time. make sure you have clothes and blankets , the hospital gives you some things to so you don't have to take everything in your house.

    yes you could ask for thing's stuff you don't have or want for the child, because 95% of the time people get the same stuff and bring it to the baby shower.

    I know , my son's aunty just had a baby not to long ago and she had the same out fit from new born to 2T!


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    The earlier you pack the better. You never know. Also, birth items for a shower gift are acceptable to ask for however you really don't need anything except for a robe.

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  • It is never to early to pack your hospital bag. I woud suggest doing it around 35- 36 weeks just incase you go into labor early. I wouldn't really do that but its up to you.

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