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Why does my vagina have this certain smell?

It doesn't smell nasty or ''like fish'' or anything, it is just a strong odor...and it smells like sex... or like semen and it has for a few months now. I'm a sexually active 25yr old, and in a monogamous relationship. I always wash up after every time my partner and I have sex. Now even when I'm not having sex sometimes that smell just randomly comes up...sometimes almost unnoticeable and other times very noticeable! I also noticed there is sometimes a thick clear discharge. I can tolerate it but I'm just wondering if I should be worried, or what can it be?


Seriously? No, I'm not sweating a lot... I don't sweat easily... but what's the connection??

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    It Sounds To Me Like U Have Bacterial Vaginosis

    Its A Bacterial Infection Caused By The Imbalace Of Your Ph Levels In The Vagina

    Go To The Doctor And Get It Treated

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    It's completely normal, monthly, to get a clear thick discharge. That's when you are most fertile. It's also common to take on a bit more odor then.

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    Maybe your vagina's ph is a bit off.

    You could try eating natural yogurt every day for a while and see if it helps. Or you could wash your vulva with a cup of natural vinegar mixed in with the water.

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    Whoa...cant help you there...just tryna get some points. Hahaha, good luck getting answers!

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    Are you sweating a lot?

  • Anonymous
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