My toddler is out of control...?

Hello guys well i have a 2year old who has just gone wild and i don't know what to do at times . He hits me , Curses , when i tell him not to do something he still does it on purpose. When we go out to parties he beats up the kids. I should also add that i also have a infant who is 2 months old i don't know if this may be a jealousy problem??? I Tried timeout and he still doesn't obey. If i spank him he will return the favor . I love my kid but sometimes i just want to send him away ..

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  • angel
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    1 decade ago
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    it has nothing to do with the new baby it's because you have let him get by with this behavior be consist with your discipline if you put him in time out you will have to keep on doing until he complies with your demands it is up to you to see that he does what he is told to do the next time you go some where and he starts beating up the other kids take him home! and explain to him that when he does not behave then he can not play or when he in time out you will have to keep making him sit there kids will not do it unless parents insists if you are consist i bet in 2 weeks your son will change remember you are teaching him how to behave and by letting this go on it will only get worse

  • sammy
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    1 decade ago

    hmm thats tough, could be the new baby or he could just be hitting that teriible twos milestone. Try talking to him. he's at the stage where hes starting to express his feelings

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