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i need help with a bee sting?

i got stung yesterday by a bee, it wasnt itchy yesterday, but it started to itch really bad last night. there is a black dot, ive heard that part of the stinger is still in there, but i think it might be some dirt or something since ive been walking around alot. ive used super amouts of benadryl (the kind you rub on) and at first it worked and now it doesnt..... is there any home remedy for a bee sting? any advice?


well the stinger is out, but i had read that part might be in it

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    dont scrape the stinger out!

    you will just push it more inwards.

    i had a bad bee sting and i went to A&E and i was given strong antihistamenes.

    if it is swollen and doesn't go down tomorrow i would go to doctors.

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    The black dot may in fact be part of the stinger. You should try and scrape it out with the side of a credit card. Also, a paste made of aspirin and water applied to the sting will help with the itch and swelling. That's what's been used for many years, and it still works.

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    Mix baking soda and water to form a paste, spread it over the area and let dry, keeping it on the sting for a long time. It will draw the stinger out of the skin, if it is still in there.

    Source(s): Was once covered in stings from head to toe as a child!
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    Like the other answerers said, the stinger is probably still in you. Try to scrape it out with a credit card. If you can't get it out, just wait and your body will naturally push it out in a few days.

    For future reference, scrape it out with a credit card ASAP after you get stung. The stinger doesn't start deep, but the longer it's in there, the deeper it goes (the stinger has a small poison sac attached to it that injects more venom the longer it stays in place, while the stinger slowly works its way into your skin. The sooner you get it out, the less venom gets injected into you and the easier it is to get it out before it digs into your skin).

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    Get a a portable wipe and try to squeeze the stinger out of there. If it still hurts, the stinger might still be in there.

    If you're having a severe allergic reaction (intense swelling or hives), then see a doctor.

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    So I do cheerleading and and that i might desire to do tumbling training. I went domicile to artwork on my front walkover interior the exterior. i became working for approximately 5 minutes and that i felt the worst bee sting ever, and that i are starting to be to be various bee stings. I stepped on a tiny little hornet. Now it is day after today and it is killing me. The stinger stayed in for a sturdy 2 minutes witch islinger then you definately think of. It harm so undesirable!

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    Ok go ( if you can ) to the pharmacy and ask for an old time medicine called PRID and its in a round orange can and it is the best ol school drawing sauve ever , put it on and put a band aide on it and if you cant do that make a paste with baking soda and water and cake it on there and this should help some, I hope that helps some

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    Yes, the stinger is still in you. To get it rub it with some loose tea and water or take it out with tweezers. to stop the itching, mix baking soda with aloe vera gel and water.

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    try making a paste of baking soda and water and apply it to the sting. you may have to reapply often but it always seems to do the trick for me. ice also seems to work when nothing else does.

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    Im pretty sure there's an infection in your skin.

    Pore some anti peroxide on your skin and when you pore it, you might feel a burn because its getting the infection out.

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