Twin delivery at 35 weeks doctor scheduled an amnio.?

I was so excited last week because my physician ordered my c-section for my twin pregnancy. I have been counting down the days well until today that is. At my appointment today my dr said that she is going to keep my scheduled for my c-section on Wednesday which is 35 weeks 6 days but she wants to do an amnio first in order to make sure the lungs are developed. I wanted to back out because I am scared to death of needles and I will need to be stuck twice due to being pregnant with twins. I am unsure what to do here. I want the babies to be fully developed has anyone had an amnio at this stage? If so what were the results? Or what are the chances that the lungs will be developed at this point (I really thought they were at this point). I am also nervous because I have planned for this c-section and family are coming into town and then I might get sent home.

The babies are screened every week and have passed all of their breathing tests via the ultrasounds.

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    I went into the hospital with my daughter and i was there for a almost two months. They did three amnio tests and all said her lungs were not strong enough yet. I had her 6 weeks early and she was fine all except she was a little jaundice. 36 weeks is longer than I lasted and my daughters lungs were fine. If the doctor still have concerns they will give you steroid shsots to super speed up the growth of the babies lungs. I hope all will be okay for you and your babies.

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    Don't be afraid of the amnio.. its necessary. Not all babies lungs are developed at 35 weeks. 37 weeks is the general rule. They will give you a steroid shot if they arn't developed and wait a day or two before going on with the c section. The steroids will rapidly develop the lungs in about a day or so. Its best to just grin and bear it than have babies that are sick. Good luck to you!

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    I know this can be scary but let the doctor do what she needs to. Her primary concern is for your health and your babies health. Becoming a parent is about choosing what is best for your children. You will find that you will be a lot tougher than you think. Just keep in your mind that it is for the health of your children and look away. you will be fine. And if you don't like needles don't look at the epideral.

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