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Isn't it crazy, how much one person can affect your mentality?

i've been thinking about this one.

For instance, there was this girl, who at first, i thought was the greatest thing to ever happen to me. She helped me out mentally and was making me feel better about myself. But, she had issues and started taking me down with her, and she eventually turned out to be the worst thing to ever happen to me, and it took a major toll on my mentality.

i know other people have had similar situations; not like mine, but like...just in one person can have such drastic impacts on another person's mentality. ... Who else has had experiences, and why do you think people can have such mental affects on others?

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    Every person we get to know can affect us mentally. You need to feel good about yourself even without a girl to build you up. That way, if she turns out to be a curse, you can still go back to knowing that you are okay and will be okay until the right girl comes along. This could be years, so don't be in such a hurry.

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    Every time a relationship is started it feels like "the greatest thing that ever happened to us", however as time rolls on, the humanity and all the crap is revealed.

    There are certain people who can influence our moods, but remember......a person influences you as much as you let them.

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    People like this in our lives teach us valuable lessons.

    They force us to get back to who we really are and get re-grounded and re-centered.

    When we take the focus off ourselves and what we know to be right and good, we get lost.

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    I have. It sucks but theres nothing you can do. Just keep your distance from them.

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